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The Plan Room, in the Rice-Aron Library, contains over 2,500 Plans of Concentration submitted since 1950.

This virtual version of the Plan Room has a selection of that student work; if you want to read all the Plans, you’ll just have to visit campus.

Art History, Dance
  • Music (2016)

    Order and intuition: An exportation of musical objectivity and subjectivity

  • Forms of atrophy: The fragments of separate realities

    Sculpture, Visual Arts
  • Incorporating bibliotherapy into higher education settings: A literature review, research study, collaboration, and literary essay

    Literature, Psychology

  • nginx

    Asian Studies, Biology
  • Music (2016)

    A chamber opera based on Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Fall of the House of Usher”

  • Dance, Visual Arts (2015)

    Buster Keaton, a funny man

    Dance, Visual Arts
  • Mathematics (2015)

    Visualizing data: Maps, graphs, and the coffee Industry

  • Visual Arts (2017)

    David Hall’s influences on video art

    Visual Arts
  • Sculpture (2016)

    502 Bad Gateway

  • Economics (2013)

    Rent seeking and economic methodology

  • Carnivore ecology through study and story

    Creative Writing, Environmental Studies
  • Cultivating discomfort: An exploration of existentialism and horror

    Creative Writing, Literature
  • Chômage, immigration, et réforme: Evaluating unemployment in Emmanuel Macron’s France

    Economics, Languages
  • A study of the filmmaking process from screenwriting through production and post-production

    Film and Video Studies
  • Glycolalia: An exploration of the nature and function of style and the fictive reality in storytelling

    Creative Writing
  • Thoughtful zymurgy: A holistic study of the art and practice of brewing beer

    Biochemistry, Film and Video Studies
  • Reassessing socialist realism and the lie

    Cultural History, Politics
  • Chemistry (2014)

    Humanity at the crossroads: An overview of contemporary trends and future energy sources

  • Pragmatism for philosophy, economics, and environmental policy

    Economics, Philosophy
  • Theater (2018)

    Technical theater: Set design and script analysis

  • Enough for all: Feeding the human population by preserving the integrity, stability, and beauty of the land community

    Environmental Studies
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Uncovering selfhood: Acquisition of knowledge of the self for women in Victorian literature and history

    History, Literature
  • Theater (2015)

    Puppetry and protest: An exploration of theater as a response to social issues stemming from the Vietnam Conflict

  • Ambitions as a writer: Or, diamond is unbreakable

    Creative Writing, Literature
  • Plan Colombia: From language teaching to the ironies of progress

    Languages, Psychology
  • “I am fully what I am”: Philosophy, literature, and the lived experience of race

    Literature, Philosophy
  • Theater (2013)

    There’s nothing like a Broadway show: An examination of musical theater in American culture

  • Philosophy (2015)

    Phenomenological investigations of expression, perception, and the lived body

  • Ceramics (2017)

    Slow: A study of ceramic works that engage the values of the slow food movement

  • Politics, Religion (2015)

    Layers of legality: Interactions between state law, international law, and Shariah

    Politics, Religion
  • Painting, Religion (2014)

    The family of Abraham: An exploration of familial relationships and ethical dilemmas in the biblical story of Abraham

    Painting, Religion
  • Psychology (2012)

    The shoulders of a giant: Freud’s followers, critics, and the future of psychoanalysis

  • Dance, Sociology (2011)

    Danced topographies: A study of dynamic relationships between place and movement through choreography and sociology

    Dance, Sociology
  • “I will embrace suffering and begin to live”: A study of suffering in Eastern Orthodox Christianity and Dostoevsky

    Literature, Religion
  • Computerized mathematics and the mathematics of computation

    Computer Science, Mathematics
  • A question of gender: A different approach to transgender equality

    Politics, Sociology
  • Politics, Theater (2012)

    Donna Leathrum, now I know

    Politics, Theater
  • A landscape of interactions: Sustainable land use from farm to forest to fiction

    Environmental Studies
  • Neoliberalism and the benefits of cultural fluency through language education

    Interdisciplinary Studies, Languages
  • Western combat through history and film: An introduction to the work and artistic mission

    Film and Video Studies, History
  • Words slightly overlapping: Explorations in contemporary theater and biochemistry

    Biochemistry, Theater
  • Literature, Religion
  • Visual Arts (2013)

    504 Gateway Time-out

    Visual Arts
  • Biochemistry (2010)

    Mysterious mortalities: A study of white nose syndrome and G. destructans from a molecular biology perspective

  • Biology, Sculpture (2014)

    Symbiosis: Forging relationships in a fragmented landscape

    Biology, Sculpture
  • Engaging both the aesthetic and cognitive aspects of objects in visual space

    Psychology, Sculpture
  • El oro y la plata no se pueden comer: Mining impacts, policy, and resistance in Latin America

    Environmental Studies, Languages
  • Literature (2014)

    The image of memory: Structure, desire, and identity in Proust’s In Search of Lost Time and other selected works

  • Politics (2017)

    (Inte)gration: connections between whiteness, deserving-ness, and belonging in the Swedish welfare state

  • Music (2017)

    Free improvisation and electronic music composition

  • Visual Arts (2019)

    Home, belonging

    Visual Arts
  • Photography (2018)

    An artistic articulation of beauty within movement

  • Biology, Ceramics (2015)

    The dirt on mutualism

    Biology, Ceramics
  • Mathematical structures: Foundations & explorations

    Mathematics, Philosophy
  • (2019)

    Rhythms of becoming: The transformative potential of holistic education

    Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Theater (2011)

    Pity for the wild: The corrupted world of Tennessee Williams

  • Sociology (2019)

  • Theater (2013)

    Another version of the truth: An expedition into theatrical adaptation and immersion

  • What’s left: After losing community, home, and sense of self through poverty and displacement

    Politics, Visual Arts
  • Long from home lost: A cross study in film and ancient Greek based around Homer’s Odyssey

    Classics, Film and Video Studies
  • Changing the narrative: A case study of contemporary activism in Boston’s Chinatown

    American Studies, Creative Writing
  • 504 Gateway Time-out

    Philosophy, Religion
  • Interactions between the state and the public in urban space

    Anthropology, History
  • Reflections on the nature of survival: The role of facilitation in the conservation of Sonoran Desert foundation species

    Environmental Studies, Visual Arts
  • Theater (2015)

    Happy End: Bertolt Brecht in performance and translation

  • Behavioral economics and Nudge Theory

    Economics, Psychology
  • Intentions and operations

    Computer Science
  • Adolescent development and poverty & homelessness

    Creative Writing, Psychology
  • An exploration of traditional networking/web development technologies and the current state of distributed networking

    Computer Science
  • Languages, Literature
  • Literature, Music (2018)

    The Body Alone Listens: An exploration of the sounds of Virginia Woolf ’s Mrs. Dalloway through musical composition and literary analysis

    Literature, Music
  • Chemistry (2010)

    Solar energy and the future of photovoltaics

  • Ceramics (2019)

    Post-cute: Beyond craft and cool Japan

  • Dance, Psychology (2016)

    Exploring the simple complexities of trust

    Dance, Psychology
  • Psychology (2018)

    All in a day’s work: Psychological trauma among rural Vermont emergency medical services

  • Politics (2007)

    Implications of apathy: The politics of desire

  • A wild door: Human experiences of nonhuman animality

    Literature, Philosophy
  • Don’t tell me to “fuck the patriarchy”—I already am

    Gender Studies, Politics
  • Anthropology, Biology
  • That they can talk: Themes of communication in wordless novels and post-apocalyptic literature

    Creative Writing
  • Religion and identity: An analysis of the relationship between Christianity and adolescent identity development in the U.S.

    Psychology, Religion
  • On authorship and materiality: Inquiries into art’s ability to function beyond the structure of the “artist” and the “object”

    Photography, Visual Arts
  • Literature (2015)

  • 504 Gateway Time-out

    Anthropology, Sociology
  • Politics (2018)

    “I am the system”: Power in North African regimes

  • Violence, racial difference, and historical memory: European colonists and Indigenous peoples in the 17th century

    American Studies, History, Sociology
  • Storytellers: Generationality, working-class identity, and women’s personal narrative

    History, Visual Arts
  • The Mirror of Stories: Examinations of Miguel Ángel Asturias’ “Leyenda de la Tatuana” and Ahmet Hilmi’s Awakened Dreams, and a retelling of a myth

    Literature, Religion
  • Through the Dharma: Explorations of form and emptiness in ceramics and Buddhist studies

    Ceramics, Philosophy
  • Sculpture, Theater (2012)

    The brutality of fiction: A Plan in playwriting and sculpture

    Sculpture, Theater
  • Ruptured reciprocity: Stories of haunting, spirits, and medical belief from Cambodians and Cambodian Americans

    Asian Studies, Visual Arts
  • The indigestible narratives of the American past

    American Studies, Literature
  • The whole zucchini: An engaged-Buddhist eco-theology of foodways

    Asian Studies, Philosophy, Religion
  • Biology, Visual Arts
  • Theater (2016)

    This anaesthetic against loneliness: Theatrical methods of telling our story

  • Raise the rafters: A study of harmony through architecture, music, and craft theory

    Art History, Interdisciplinary Studies, Music
  • Dance (2012)

    Move me: A Plan of Concentration in dance and poetry

  • A multidimensional study of the Latino-American narrative

    Creative Writing, Sociology
  • Global food institutions and effectiveness: Institutional structure, economics, and politics

    Economics, Politics
  • It is more than just food: A practice-as-research approach to teaching experiential learning courses through the lens of food

    Environmental Studies
  • Physics (2012)

    Observations & interpretations: Solar physics and the quantum foundations

  • Drawing from life: Possibilities in cartooning

    Creative Writing, Visual Arts
  • The ecology, conservation, and land use changes surrounding vulnerable plant mutualisms and natural community types

    Biology, Photography
  • Biochemistry (2016)

    BisphenolA: an endocrine disrupting chemical that alters estrogenic activities

  • Gender Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Cocoons: Transformation through fantasy

    Asian Studies, Visual Arts
  • Biology (2014)

    An exploration of problems in human reproductive health and changes in fertility

  • Visual Arts (2013)

    Frames of reference: An examination of the adaptive nature of animation

    Visual Arts
  • Visual Arts (2016)

    502 Bad Gateway

    Visual Arts
  • Avenues of change: A study of development and social change with a focus on organizational strategies and structures

    Economics, Politics
  • Dance, Religion (2015)

    An examination of contemporary unchurched spirituality in theory and dance

    Dance, Religion
  • Astronomy (2018)

    Planetary Science: Learning and presenting physics, astronomy, planetary science, and the history of spaceflight

  • Convergence and divergence: Finding a framework for a more equitable society

    Languages, Politics
  • Between cultural homogenization and cultural heterogenization: Globalization and nationalism in the contemporary world

    Languages, Sociology
  • 502 Bad Gateway

    Politics, Sociology
  • Being, place, resistance: Phenomenological and critical approaches

    Environmental Studies, Literature, Philosophy
  • Brazilian migration to Martha’s Vineyard

    Anthropology, Photography
  • The Keeping House: Poems, short fiction, and an essay on the travel poems of Elizabeth Bishop

    Creative Writing, Literature